MCVTS Theatre

OFFICIALtheatreLOGO.psdMCVTS Theatre is thrilled to open its doors to your unique talents and abilities. To foster your growth as a young artist, we have established a professional environment for your artistic training. That environment requires adherence and understanding of certain rules and procedures. You will find in this booklet all of the Performing Arts guidelines students must follow. Please read it carefully and become familiar with our expectations.

You will find similar regulations apply once you reach professional employment. The kind of work ethic you will gain by following these procedures will help you in your future career. With your cooperation, we can all achieve a dynamic and vibrant year together.

Our curriculum complies and exceeds the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in Performing Arts. It also meets the expectations of excellence established by the Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools. During the students’ four years in our program, they will be trained for admission to a post-secondary, conservatory-style, college or independent training program and/or for an entry-level position in arts organizations

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